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Hagibis Multifunction Bluetooth Earphone Cleaning Brush

Hagibis Multifunction Bluetooth Earphone Cleaning Brush

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This complete set includes a cleaning pen, a brush, and tools for cleaning the case, effectively removing dirt, debris, and fingerprints. Compatible with Huawei, Samsung, and MI earphones, this kit ensures that your audio experience remains crystal clear.

Wide range of applications: This Bluetooth earphone cleaning pen can not only clean the earphones but also the earphone charging case, cell phone earphones, microphones, etc.

Efficient cleaning kit: Well-designed earphone cleaning set tools, saving effort, helping to clean hard-to-reach areas or other corners. It is a must-have for anyone who wears earphones. Never use liquids to clean the earphones.

Compatibility: Compatible with AirPods 1/2, compatible with AirPods Pro, compatible with AirPods 3 2021, this earphone cleaning kit is compatible with most Bluetooth earphones on the market.

Package contents: 1 professional AirPods cleaning pen. Nouhe ORUMRUD

Multi-function, three cleaning functions, the crowded sponge head allows you to clean the earphone charging compartment, and the high-density flocking head allows you to clean the sound hole and earphone mesh, as well as the microphone hole and sound hole of the cell phone. Sharp mouth, metal pen tip, can effectively remove stubborn stains.

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